About Us

FashaSandha by Milyunir is not another hijab brand. We are all about lifestyle. We envisioned the idea for our customers possessing high-end scarves yet very reasonably priced, bearing in our heart and mind of styling women and young ladies lavishly and beautifully at the same timeaccomplishing their distinctive lifestyle.

At FashaSandha by Milyunir, we truly believes that although scarf-wearing is a must for Muslim female, however, we would like to also aim our scarves as a fashion proclamation for women of other diversity.

The designs of scarves we offer also signify the lifestyle of our aspiring ambassador, FashaSandha, whom we admire for her inspiration as a successful and glamorous actress, mother of two, and also a blossoming entrepreneur.

FashaSandha by Milyunir,as a brand has evolved around the many diversity in the walk of life. The brand aims tocontinuouslyprogress with maturity as we innovate through the many phases of local fashion industry as well as based on the request and requirement of our devoted and loyal customers.

FashaSandha by Milyunir is currently under new wings of management starting from November 2016. Unique in our choice of high quality fabric used, the versatile designs and the exclusive embellishments, FashaSandha by Milyunir is definitely unlike any other, something the team take high pride in constructing.

Each scarf comes in a tidy hem detailing and with the exclusiveFashaSandhametal tags andMilyunirwoven labels. FashaSandha by Milyunir scarves should also be the preferred choice of gifts as every scarf purchase comes attractively in our see-through plastic packaging with FashaSandha by Milyunir logo on it. AtFashaSandha by Milyunir, each scarf goes through a lengthy QC process before it gets approved for sale to FashaSandha by Milyunir customers.

FashaSandha by Milyuniris the best brand specializing in must-have Basics, a collection of plain scarves made from various luxurious fabrics as well as classic patterns that is easy to match with any outfits. Our Special Edition designs are meticulously adorned with crystal clear Swarovski HF.